Push Reel Lawn Mower

This Push Reel Lawn Mower is the perfect solution for environmentally-minded individuals, who want to save more fuel costs and protect the nature from CO2 emissions. This is a useful garden equipment powered 100% by the user himself. The fuel-free mower cuts grass effectively and easily, and it offers a wider cutting width to help reduce cutting time. The designers of the grass-cutting machine have projected it with ergonomics in mind, because it has...

quick-snap height adjusters to maintain effortless control. There are 9 different height slots (from 1 to 3 inches) and once moved, it stays firmly locked into place. The reel features 5 steel blades that guarantee precise and nice cuts every time. As you push the mower, the blades spin efficiently, as they’re designed with smooth ball bearings. The blades slice perfectly leaving behind fine mulch, which is vital for a healthy, nicely sustained lawn. Another useful feature is the dual wheel tracking that ensures increased maneuverability. Made from heavy-duty steel, it’s a durable device that will serve for years to come.

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