Protect Your Zip Archive

When it comes to personal files on your laptop, you can feel safe only when you know that all your files are protected!

But what can you do?

You would set passwords for the zip folders and personal files to ensure all your private information is only under your control!

Additionally, you need to set passwords, especially if you are sharing files over a network that is not secured or between different computers. Unfortunately, choosing the right zip folders security can be tedious because the Internet is full of third party solutions. Therefore you need to choose wisely.


Let us get some insights on how to protect your zip archive.


Use 7-Zip

This is a unique software that will only allow you to set the password during the zip process. Therefore, if you have already zip archives, you will have to unzip first so that you can rezip. This software has an intuitive interface that makes it user-friendly when setting up the passwords.

  • First, you will need to download the software to your PC
  • Install by following executable prompts that will appear on the screen
  • Right-click the file that you want to compress
  • Select add to the archive
  • A window will appear, which will require you to take the file, the format, and the encryption solution.
  • Proceed and set a reliable password to protect your zip file
  • Click ok, and you will have protected your zip file by just following such a simple procedure.


Use WinZip

Many people have used WinZip because of its amazing features. It can perfectly protect your zip archives, and that why it is also another great alternative option.

  • You will need to download it for free over the internet if you don’t have it on your computer.
  • Install it and click to open the menu by clicking create/share from the options
  • From the actions menu, you can activate encrypt options.
  • From the navigator menu, you will have to drag a file that you need to protect into the space that will appear.
  • Ensure you have enabled the encrypt function so that after dragging a file, you will be able to set the password.
  • Once you are done setting the password of your choice, you will have to customize encryption settings, and you will have a powerful encrypted password to protect your zip files archive.

This is a simple procedure that allows you to set passwords for your zip file easily.


Use WinRAR

WinRAR is a popular tool among most users because you can easily compress files and folders. Additionally, it creates shortcuts for easy access, and it can split archives into large and small files, which made it easy to share such data. It can also allow you to manipulate the archives by integrating its WinRAR download allows high compression on large files and provides security by allowing setting up of passwords to protect personal files. It also repairs physically damaged files. Therefore, this is an amazing software in which you can set passwords for compressed files in such a simple procedure. Let us get into it.

  • Download WinRAR and follow the screen prompts that appear to enable you to install
  • Choose the file that you need to secure and compress it.
  • Right-click to add the file into the archives
  • A window will appear, which will require you to give a name for your zip file under the general tab.
  • Choose the archive format and set the password. You will be notified to re-enter the password for confirmations, and you will have accomplished the whole procedure.

However, sometime you might want to protect an already existing file. Therefore you don’t have to unzip the file. All you need to do is to follow this procedure:

  • Open WinRAR and click on tools
  • From the tools, option select convert archives and check on the zip option
  • Select the location where the protected zip file will be stored
  • In the general tab, select set passwords and enter your password
  • Complete the validation procedure, and you are done.



Setting a password for your zip files has been made that easy with these three options. You only need to go for one of them.



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