Professional Racer’s Simulator

If you’re a Professional Racer and you want to practice your driving skills straight at home, then you need to know that this Full Impression Simulator holds out some highly advanced experience for you! For those who can afford it, this machine will unquestionably offer various situations chauffeurs might face on the road, simulating perfect visualization and physical feeling!

Let’s mention some of the advanced features the simulator has been supported with. The first thing that makes a huge impression when you sit behind the wheel is the 180°, 106"-wide HD screen which you won’t see on any other simulator, it will incite your thrill the moment you immerse yourself in a virtual race. The display wraps halfway around the driver and shows the window net, the rear view mirror and side mirrors, as well as passed cars in your peripheral vision. Those who are aware of the gear box installed in professional race cars, they have to know that this product is supplied with a secondary shift transmission that is exactly the same!

We said something about physical experience too. If drivers drive over bumps or take sharp turns, the cockpit will be pushed up and down by motion transducers to transmit road and engine rumble.

You’ll have the chance to choose between 57 world-known circuits that are virtually reproduced with impressive accuracy down to the smallest detail! Manufacturers’ CAD data has also been used to digitally recreate 30 different models of racing cars!

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