PopLite Hot Air Popper

When you suddenly decide you want to snack on some tasty popcorn, what do you use to prepare it, your microwave maybe? Nah, that’s way too slow and way too boring. Instead, check out what the PopLite Hot Air Popper can do! This popcorn maker effectively and evenly pops about 18 cups of popcorns for less than 2 and a half minutes! You’ll get fantastic results and there won’t be any kernels unpopped.

What’s even more awesome about this product is that it uses only hot air instead of oil to prepare the popcorns, so what you’ll have is a healthier, cholesterol-low and calorie-low snack! After all, if you want to add butter for extra creamy and enjoyable taste, the 1/2-cup measuring cup on top of the popper can serve also as a butter melter. Just put some butter and it will melt from the heat produced by the hot air.

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