The Pet Champagne

You no longer have to worry about your pets stealing your drinks, or drinking alone! Here comes the pet champagneMeow&Chandon for the felines and Dog Perignon for the canines! It's official, you can now be poppin' bottles with your pets!

Pop open your pets' own bottle of champagne that is made just for them (non-alcoholic of course) and toast to them!

The Meow&Chandon is made with salmon oil, organic catnip, filtered water and organic food coloring. This 12 oz champagne treat will not only make your kitty silly but will help keep their coat silky!

The Dog Perignon is made with salmon oil, organic bacon extract, filtered water and food coloring. This treat may not make your pup silly but will sure to delight them. They'll thank you and be begging for more! Plus it's good for them and helps with their skin, coat and much more thanks to the salmon oil.

These non-alcoholic drinks are the pet hit of the season! They make the perfect gift and a great party hit!

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