Personal Mist Humidifier

This personal mist humidifier may seem small and insignificant but it will do you more good than you can imagine! Many people underestimate the air humidity factor in their home. The amount of vapor in the air is more essential than you may think. Basically optimal moisture level is assessed between 40% and 60% (though some believe it should be between 35% and 45%). Too low humidity levels in your room can cause health issues like sore throat, inflamed sinuses...

... itchy eyes, and dry skin. In the long run, excessive dryness can even affect your respiratory tract’s mucous membrane.

However, all of this can be avoided with a functional, handheld personal mist humidifier for the home, office and for travel. This is a USB charged portable fan with 3 different modes that releases a light mist to moisturize the air and keep your skin fresh. The mini cooling fan can be easily brought along wherever you go and serve its purpose in various situations, making your activities more pleasant.

Handheld Personal Mist Humidifier Personal mist humidifier for the home and office

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