Panono Panoramic Ball Camera

The Panono Panoramic Ball Camera captures everything you experience with family and friends and lets everybody re-experience those good times later in a whole new and fascinating way, unachievable by normal cameras! It would absolutely be great to relive the atmosphere of a wild party, picnic or a trip and watch all the details like never before!

Panono is an innovative throwable ball-like device which has a super high resolution of 72 megapixels! It uses 36 small but very powerful cameras that fly at once. Just toss it in the air and the ball camera will take a fully spherical panoramic image at the highest point and you will be able to have magnificent views over whatever and whoever you want as complete 360° X 360° memory is captured. Because the globe-shaped gadget is connected wirelessly to your smartphone, you will receive the produced image for a fast preview after which it is sent to the free cloud stitching service for archiving. To view the live images, simply point the tablet or the smartphone in the direction you want to see. You can get all 36 unprocessed images stored in the camera, or download the completed and stitched panoramas to your computer. The Panono Cloud allows storing, managing and sharing your panoramas for free if you decide to.

In case there is no phone or tablet connected to the ball-like device, you can still store the taken images on its internal flash memory that is sufficient for circa 400 panoramas.

If you’re outdoors it would be more appropriate to throw the Panono in the air, but it can also operate as a hand-held camera or be mounted on a static pole, which is more suitable for indoors or when it’s dark.

  • - Cameras: 36 fixed focus cameras
  • - Total resolution: 72 MP
  • - Diameter: 4.33 inches (11 cm)
  • - Weight: 0.66 pounds (300 grams)
  • - Camera body: Tough clear plastic
  • - Mobile App: for iOS6+ and Android4+
  • - USB port for recharging Panono’s battery

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