Premium Ceramic Knife Set

Knifing meats in pieces and slicing vegetables and fruits has never been easier and more fun thanks to this Ozeri Premium Black Ceramic Kitchen Knife Set that has what it takes to positively change your work in the kitchen for good! Each blade can keep its razor-sharpness 10 times longer than any steel one, because it’s made from top quality ceramic material that reaches the diamond hardness!

The ceramic knives are finished with a reflective black facing, weigh a lot less than steel knives and have ideally balanced ergonomic handles. So you can say good bye to hand fatigue and pain when it comes to long cutting and preparing big meals.

You should also consider replacing your old kitchen knives with these because they will not rust or leach metal ions from long-term exposure to acids, oils and moisture that many foods contain.

Some experts claim metal knives can kill many of a vegetable or fruit’s vitamins, so here’s another reason for you to switch from regular knives to ceramic.

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