Outdoor Flameless Cooker

Rubbing two sticks together in an attempt to start a fire in the wild is the oldest way to ignite a flame known to humanity but it has been necessary in order to cook food. But let’s be honest here, nowadays nobody would want to waste their time like that when they want to build a fire while camping, besides if you aren’t good at it, you might not have success. So now there’s a much easier manner thanks to the Barocook Outdoor Flameless Cooker!

This is a revolutionary product that can cook without fire and is perfect for the outdoors. Through the simple use of some water and heat pads, no electricity, gas or fire is needed. Enough heat is created to cook soups, noodles, eggs, meat balls, rice, sausages and more! No matter where you are, you can cook a meal for 10 to 30 minutes. Using excellent materials such as stainless steel and a plastic clip-lock system that contains any liquids, this proves to be the easiest way to cook when out in the wild.

Barocook Outdoor Flameless Cooker

Parts of the flameless Barocook:

  • - Locking lid that’s easy to open and has a durable hinge design.
  • - Airtight silicone ring which preserves the warmth with an airtight & leak-proof seal.
  • - Removable stainless bowl that is safe for food contact and is made of a high heat conductivity material.
  • - Outer container. The space between the plastic outer container and the stainless bowl allows users to put the Baropack and produce heat to cook.


How to use:

  • 1- Separate the stainless bowl from the outer container.
  • 2- Open the heating pad and apply the heating pad to the bottom of the plastic container.
  • 3- Pour in water until it reaches the water line or use a 40 ml measuring cup.
  • 4- Carefully put the food into the separated stainless steel bowl.
  • 5- Put the stainless bowl into the plastic container when the steam gets activated.
  • 6- After closing the lid, depending on what type of food you’re preparing, wait from 6 to 20 minutes and you’re up for a fantastic meal straight in the open air!


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