Organic Apple Pie Crunch

The best and healthiest way to snatch a fast meal is by getting something that has “better for you” ingredients, something that will stop your stomach rumble and will have a beneficial reflect on your body. The Nature’s Path Organic Apple Pie Crunch is exactly what you need! These chewy granola bars are a total hit! Each serving has at least 20 gr of whole grains. Rich in fiber, cholesterol free and no trans-fats.

    All the ingredients:
  • - Rolled oats
  • - Sunflower oil
  • - Pecans
  • - Evaporated cane juice
  • - Apple powder
  • - Chia seeds
  • - Invert cane syrup
  • - Oat fiber
  • - Molasses
  • - Oat syrup solids
  • - Flavor
  • - Cinnamon
  • - Sea salt

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