Nano Nose Protector Filters

With all the cars, factories, machines, building constructions and nature killing these days, we can imagine and even see how polluted the air is. Dense smoke in the streets and awfully lots of dust in your houses can be noticed every day. The result? More illnesses, damaged lungs, sour throat, asthma, allergies and more. But with these Nano Nose Protector Filters you can make a difference for yourself!

This defensive nasal protector reduces exposure to pollen, dust, mold, dander and germs thanks to its nano technology based filter. This product blocks even the smallest and presumably more injurious to health PM 2.5 particles, while keeping a very good breathability to let you easily inhale and exhale! The design of these nasal filters is conformable with your natural nostril shape. What also contributes to full comfort is the fact that the product is made from soft medical grade material. The filters are invisible when you place them, so don’t worry about looking weird to other people around.

    Usage instructions:
  • - Insert filters into nostrils, with the narrow ends pointed towards the top of your nose
  • - Wear at a certain time or around the clock
  • - Replace disposable filters every one to five days
  • - Washing filter material may reduce the filter efficacy and breathability

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