Master Chief Supreme Costume

First person shooter video game fans know that the top selling military-science fiction game Halo is one of the best there is in the genre. With each sequel, there have been multiple franchise replica items released for fans across the world that want to impersonate the main protagonist Master Chief John – 117 who is part of a group consisting of special type of soldiers called Spartans. In case you’re planning on finding the most accurate high quality battle uniform

of the main hero, we would be happy to help you end your search, because this Halo Master Chief super soldier supreme full body uniform costume is exactly what you need! The stunning futuristic military suit includes a quilted jumpsuit w/molded armor, 2 piece deluxe helmet, boot tops and gauntlets. All you need is a battle rifle and you’ll be fully equipped for an interstellar war against the theocratic alliance of aliens.

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