Korner Home Security Solution

Presenting Korner – an affordable home security solution that everyone can use! This security system overall comprises of 2 components. The first one is the innovative one-piece tag which must be stuck on windows and corners of doors. The second is called “Fob” which must be connected into an internet port of your router. Basically the fob in your router talks to the sensors in your door and window.

The other thing the fob does is that it emits a loud noise when an intrusion is recognized. So if you’re at home, the safety device will alert you and potentially scare the burglar.

And then, there’s the Korner security app that does a number of things. It allows you to arm and disarm the home security system remotely, therefore you don’t need to be at home to do it, you just need a smartphone wherever your location is. If there’s a possible threat, you will instantly receive an alerting notification on the application about what’s happening at what entry point. Then you’ll be given 2 options: one – a button “call police” and a second button “Notify Circle” which serves for forwarding the alert to your security circle. What’s unique about this thing is that you have the option on your mobile to access your contacts and add all of your friends, family and neighbors that you’d like to include in the security circle. Then at the time you get an alert you can pass it to all those people and if someone is close to your home they can go check what’s going on and prevent a potential robbery or intrusion. This is a way to engage your community to help you with the home security.

As we said, the unique and innovative Korner tag is more reliable than other security tags on the market. What it does better than other tags is that it can distinguish very effectively between vibrations at the door versus actual entry, so it’s definitely a very valuable part of the security system.

Korner – an affordable home security solution

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