Iron Man 3 LED Ring

Yet another awesome Iron Man piece of gear that you wouldn’t want to miss to add to your collection! We can bet our money that there are many Marvel fans out there that would gladly have their very own arc reactor, just like Tony Stark. So if you’re one of them you have an excellent chance to fulfill that fantasy by getting the Iron Man 3 LED Ring! It can become your personal tiny arc reactor that can be worn on your finger!

You simply tap the ring and the bright white LED arc reactor lights up for 60 seconds. It’s made from a solid, nickel-free metal alloy, featuring the red and gold of Iron Man's suit. With an enameled metallic finish, this is a great gift and accessory for any admirer of the super hero. It comes in various sizes and is sure to impress despite that it doesn’t have any special powers, but hey, it grants you the status of the coolest fan around! If you’re an engaged woman and your future husband’s dream is to become Tony Stark, you can freely replace the typical wedding ring with this one!

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