inReach 2-Way Communicator

If you’re an adventurer by nature and want to explore every single distant spot on earth, wouldn’t you want to feel safe and secure throughout the entire journey?! To avoid getting lost or isolated from the civilized world, you better bring this inReach Two Way Satellite Communicator with you. It uses the Iridium satellite network and has 100% global service, without gaps or weak signals.

The two way satellite communicator can be used in standalone mode for personal and SOS communication, and remote GPS position tracking. Unlike the one-way satellite messengers, inReach can not only send messages and tracking points, but it can also receive message delivery confirmation. Knowing that somebody receives your messages could be vital in tough situations. The amazing gadget could be also paired with iOS devices and Android phones and tablets to send and receive text messages, from any place on earth. Furthermore the satellite communicator is military tested, impact-resistant and waterproof up to 3 meters. A must-have survival tool that will ensure you a peace of mind while on the road or on a mission. Free Earthmate app available for iOS and Android platforms.

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