Indoor – Outdoor Insect Trap

It’s summer and you’re trying to enjoy a Sunday afternoon or night on your yard with friends and family. Everything else is great, but there seems one thing that prevents everybody from enjoying a good time – the nasty insects.

Bugs, flies, mosquitoes, they’re pretty active in the hot season, and it’s rather hard to get rid of them insight the house, and even harder when you’re in the open air.

Don’t worry though, because Dynatrap have invented the perfect indoor & outdoor insect trap that will help keep the irritating little beast at bay.

The insect trap includes a 7 foot cord, 2 installed UV bulbs and a catch cage that would be the end of all insolent mosquitoes and flies.

This insect trapping equipment doesn’t use smoke to repel the bugs away, it doesn’t emit any odors, nor does it spray pesticides that are harmful to humans as well.

Working efficiently on a territory of 1 acre, the insect trap gear attracts and kills flying insects that bother you.

The product is smartly engineered to feature a 3-way protection against pests.

1 – the UV fluorescent bulbs produces warm light that draws insects:

2 – a special Ti02 titanium dioxide-coated surface generates C02 that’s hardly resistible to mosquitoes.

3 – a powerful, but noiseless vacuum fan sucks the insects into the cage where they dehydrate out and die. When the trap is turned off, there’s a damper that that closes to inhibit an escape from the insects. The insect trap is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

No more bugs bugging you!

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