iFlashDrive HD 64GB

Is your iDevice reaching its storage capacity? You could delete some of the files on it, or you could get the iFlashDrive HD 64GB. This is the first and only Apple licensed flash drive for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The device is compatible with most iDevices and enables seamless sharing and transferring of your files from iOS devices or a PC. The drive features support for file encryption and backup-restore services.

The iFlashDrive’s free app allows the ability to organize, edit, upload and manage files across couple of platforms, adding iPad, PC, iPhone(even the latest iPhone 5). You can even play videos and music straight from the Apple flash drive, thus freeing space on the other iDevices. The iFlashDrive doesn’t need Wi-Fi or battery power to function.

iFlashDrive HD 64GB

iFlashDrive HD 64GB

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