Home Lie Detector Equipment

You've seen in movies the police (and sometimes even the bad guys) using a lie detector to find out the truth from the people they're subjecting to it. And we bet you have wished many times you had had one yourself to play a little game of truth with family and friends. Now, with this USB home lie detector kit, you have the chance to do it! The home polygraph test kit has digital skin and pulse monitors necessary for the procedure.

Apply the sensors to the subject's finger, then let the system take baseline readings of the skin's electrical resistance and the pulse rate. Depending on the changes in response to a question, any alteration of these indicators will be instantly displayed. The USB home lie detector test equipment graphs and stores data in real time via free software you get to receive with your purchase. By using this data, testers can estimate whether the suspect's conductivity of their skin begins to change, or whether their pulse accelerates, that's how you can determine if the subject is lying or not. This lie detector is a guarantee for a lot of laughs, but watch out, it can put you in a shocking situation too! Because there's no secret somebody can hide from it!

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