Home Climbing Wall Treadmill

Besides talent for the sport, you’d need tons of practice on wall treadmills to develop your rock climbing skill and be among the world’s best rock climbers like Dan Osman, Chris Sharma, Steph Davis, Catherine Destivelle, John Long and others. And where would be the best place for training? Well, at home of course! This Home Climbing Wall Treadmill is exactly what you need to secure effective climbing workouts straight in your room

whenever you feel like it! Feel convenient and be harassed by no one as you train to master this exceptional sport! This wall has a continuously revolving face that allows infinite vertical climbs. The face of the wall consists of foot- and hand-holds on separate panels that turns like an upright treadmill, allowing the climber to climb to the height of Mount Everest, K2, Kangchenjunga, Makalu, you name it! The climbing treadmill’s construction doesn’t include a motor, it’s powered only by the user’s weight, allowing climbers from beginners to professionals, to scale at the desired pace and stop without pushing a single button. The wall adjusts from -20° to +5° from vertical, simulating overhangs or slab climbing, and the holds can be rearranged to 4 different locations on every panel for customizable whole-body cardio or muscle-building workouts. The climbing equipment has been designed with a LED display on the frame (powered by an included AC adapter) that shows distance climbed, calories burnt and time elapsed. Guarantee limitations and special conditions are applied. Dimensions: 10' 2" H x 5' W 8' D. (810 lbs).

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