hereO GPS Watch For Kids

Introducing hereOthe world’s first GPS watch designed for kids! It’s a special watch that helps parents know where their child is at any moment. They can see the exact map location directly on their smartphone! The three-member team that designed this product wanted to come up with a device that not only keep children safe, but also keeps families connected.

Current GPS products aren’t designed with young kids and parents in mind. In contrast to them, the designers of hereO decided to involve kids from day one, so they can develop the smallest, coolest GPS tracker that is meant to be used by small children.

Locate your child’s hereO right on your smartphone and view their movements throughout the day. If an emergency strikes when your child wanders off, the hereO watch will immediately send an alert to your mobile device with the child’s exact current location.

hereO GPS Watch For Kids

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