The Heated Vest

It’s a rough winter, and your sweater isn’t keeping you warm enough. What can you do, besides putting on 2 or even 3 garments over one another? Here’s a bright idea – get this top rated heated vest! According to the Hammacher Schlemmer Institute, this particular warmed vest surpasses all others in ratings, because it has the longest-lasting lithium-ion battery, and reaches the highest average temperatures! Furthermore, unlike other similar vests that center the heat in the back...

or the front, this one distributes the warmth evenly, plus it is a lot more comfortable for wearing, because of its slim heating pads. The product has 3 different temperature settings: low, medium (reaches 107° F), and high (reaches 111° F). The vest’s battery can operate for 4 hours on maximum heat, while the competition endures maximum for 2 hours. To ensure excellent comfort, and to withstand rain and wind, the high quality heated apparel is made from soft polyester, has a high collar, and zippered hand pockets. It comes with an included AC adapter for recharging the battery.

The heated vest

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