Health Warrior Chia Bars

Don’t bother entering the store for a chocolate, croissant, Bake Rolls, biscuits and all these other things you regularly buy when you’re in a rush, forget about them they’re not even healthy to begin with! What you need is something that’s both delicious and wholesome, something that will improve your well-being in general! What you need are the Health Warrior Chia Bars with Apple and Cinnamon!

The Chia bars have only 100 calories per bar. They’re gluten, soy and dairy free, have low glycemic index and are suitable for vegans and koshers. Besides it has only 5 gr of sugar per bar, this eatable product is a great source of fiber, plant based protein, essential omega 3 acids, calcium and magnesium. The Warrior Chia bars are an excellent choice for a collation, they’re 100% natural and loaded with energy!

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