Handmade Toffee Treats

Thinking of an original Thanksgiving gift or a yummy Christmas present? Then we’d be happy to tell you that overjoyed moments and drooling are guaranteed with these award winning handmade toffee treats that have what it takes and even more to pleasantly surprise anybody regardless of the celebration occasion! This English-style toffee is a winner of the Fancy Food Magazine’s Editor's Choice award which perfectly seals its high quality and magnificent taste!

This scrumptious edible is health-friendly, as it doesn’t contain any harmful preservatives and additives. It consists only of pure cane sugar and sweet cream butter that are boiled to form a rich, dark amber caramel. Then, the buttery toffee is poured over lightly roasted, chocolate layered Georgia pecans, California almonds, or macadamia nuts, so in the end you get 3 different flavors to take delight in. Finally, the treats are sprinkled with chopped walnuts. The chewy pieces are shipped in a beautiful gift box, wrapped with a decorative red ribbon.

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