Handmade Metal Robot Lamp

Thank God for human creativeness and imagination. It’s because of them art aficionados have the opportunity to decorate their room and equip their bureau with this handmade metal robot lamp!

The handmade desk lamp is ingeniously constructed with small, 0.5” cast iron pipes and fittings to look like a sitting robot whose headpiece is going to be your ray of light in dark nights. This can also be an original decoration for your living room’s table ...

... that will amaze every guest you have, as well as a truly unique gift to a family member or dear friend.

The sitting robot table lamp has dimensions of 7"W x 9"L x 12"H and can effortlessly pose in 2 different positions (you have instructions for that). Each robot lamp comes with a 20 volt type A plug and an LED lightbulb.

Handmade Metal Robot Lamp
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