Hammock Bliss Sky Tent 2

The revolutionary Hammock Bliss Sky Hanging Tent 2 is the consummate companion when we talk about serious outdoor experience! The product features an oversized PU coated rainfly that shields your hammock and gear from rain. A very tiny netting with 2100 holes per sq. inch protects you from the smallest insects and bugs, plus it decreases the cold wind blow. A trustworthy camping gear!

To hang the Sky Tent 2 above your hammock, you have a weight resistant 6mm climbing rope per side, plus another climbing rope to secure the internal ridgeline below the rainfly. In cold nights it’s very vital to keep yourself warm, so designers have added a Ripstop Nylon bottom layer that not only helps in preserving your body heat, but also serves as a solid floor in case you want to use the Sky Tent 2 on the ground. The ripstop nylon is also supplied with pockets for small items.
Camping has never been so enjoyable and comfortable, thanks to the revolutionary Hammock Bliss Sky Hanging Tent 2!

Hammock Bliss Sky Hanging Tent

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