Hammer – Ultimate Energy Bar

Nibbling the Hammer Ultimate Energy Bar will really make you feel like you have the power of a jackhammer, power hammer, sledgehammer… well, you get the idea – you get to receive the necessary nutrients and vitamins to stay active and productive all day long! Produced with a cranberry flavor, this organic high-energy food bar is healthy, non GMO and doesn’t contain refined sugar!

    Couple of facts about the Hammer food bars:
  • - Optimal alkaline/acid balance reduces muscle soreness, recovery time
  • - Complex carbohydrates, with no refined sugars, provides reliable, long-lasting energy
  • - Easy to digest, delicious taste, moist texture
  • - No preservatives, trans fats, additives, coatings, soy, peanuts, refined sugars, or dairy
  • - All ingredients certified organic
  • - Gluten-free and GMO-free
  • - Added enzymes help in digestion and nutritional uptake
  • Other flavors are also available.

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