Guide to Styling a Teen’s Room

Summer is still in full swing, but school year is just around the corner and lots of parents are starting to wonder what new crazy ideas their teenage kids will come up with this fall regarding the “sanctity” of their rooms. For, with teenagers, one never knows what to expect! Those who have just turned -teen will be anxious to show off their adolescence ...

... while those who are to soon leave school and home and go out into the wide world, would rather question everything in search of their own identity and personality. In both cases, kids would truly appreciate having their rooms appropriately designed, which task falls onto the parents.

So, what can be done to style a teen’s bedroom, without breaking the bank? Read on to find some valuable tips on how to deal with the task in a few steps.


The color palette in a teen’s room should be anything but “conventional”. Forget about uniform, soothing or neutral colors and instead, consider using bolder and more expressive color tones (always those to the liking of the kids, of course).

A coat of fresh paint on the walls and the ceiling is a smart and budget-friendly solution that helps to not only change the looks of the space entirely, but to also conceal stains, scratches and other minor damages.


Teenagers love making statements. Creating a feature wall in their room would be one way of helping them express themselves and change the looks of the room on the go. Surely, it needs to be rendered in some bombastic, ‘wow’ style to both, draw attention and make a statement about this room’s master personality. So, find courage to allow a “nonsensical” (to you, at least!) mess of color paint strokes or a daring graffiti artwork on the feature wall. You can also opt for a vivid mural, using an impressive photo wallpaper like those on


Planning a teenager’s room furnishing is also kind of having a sneak peek into the future. So, when choosing a particular item, one needs to always consider its current, as much as its future functionality. Transformable/convertible furniture items, for example, provide convenient solutions when having guests or friends staying for sleepover. A taller than usual nightstand may also serve as a perfect work desk for a younger teenager. And some bookshelves and storage cabinets may continue to be well used in the dorm room when the kid goes to college.

And…. speaking of storage, let’s admit that this is the pivotal issue in a teenager’s room. Storage just seems to never, ever be quite sufficient! So, when buying furniture for this particular room, choices must focus on ensuring as many storage options as possible, to help avoid the typical havoc your teenager manages to wreak in there.


Essence here falls on creating ambiance. So, funny and of quirky design, color changing and fairy lights, as well as dimmable overhead lighting are fantastic solutions for your teen’s room. Ah, task lighting, too! Kids needs to study, so they’ll need a couple of task light sources on their desk to help them in the process.


Teens have their odd interpretation of décor. To them, it’s an opportunity to exhibit their way of life, rather than some aesthetics values. So, make room for displaying certificates, awards and medals for achievements in school or the community. Help them create wall galleries of photos of their friends and treasured memories. Provide suitable options for them to exhibit the achievements of their hobbies, and allow them to have quirky-looking objects, be it a funny alarm clock, a poster with some shocking image, or a geeky item you’ll never understand the purpose of.

Youngsters wouldn’t be thrilled about choosing window treatments, bedding, flooring, textures, etc. interior styling means, but they would certainly appreciate having them in their room. Keep these elements simple and rather functional than decorative. Still, allow some frivolity and a touch of extravaganza, too, especially in teenage girls’ rooms.

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