Giant Fennel Lined Sleeping Bag

With this Mammooth giant fennel lined sleeping bag designed by TETON Sports, you and your family won’t feel any discomfort from sleeping in the open air and when we say “you and your family” we are serious, because when unfolded, this comfortable outdoor sleeping bag is spacious enough to easily accommodate two adults and a child! Even when the weather is kind of cool outside, you shouldn’t worry, because the product is made with

soft brushed poly flannel liner for extra warmth and convenience. Advantageous feature of the product is its two-way zipper that allows you to unzip the bag from the bottom up to ensure normal airflow, plus there are two-sided zipper guards that prevent potential snags. And just to really make sure users will feel warm even in kind of chilly evenings, designers have projected the outdoor equipment with a full length zipper draft tube, a shoulder baffle that keep the cold out and the warmth inside the bag, and a mummy-style hood that can be pulled down tight for even better coldness insulation. Internal storage pocket is included for keeping personal belongings safe. So if you’re planning on taking your better half or the whole family to a night picnic with a place for lodging, or you’re just a camping enthusiast, this product is perfect for you! When you’re preparing to go back home, fold the bag into the size of a backpack which you can easily carry.

Dimensions: 95 inches length x 62 inches width; weight: 15 pounds.

Giant Fennel Lined Sleeping Bag

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