Get Well Soon Basket

If you want to help an ill person cure faster, you have to boost their mood and what better way to do it than giving them the Get Well Soon Basket that looks so sumptious! It’s filled with all sorts of gourmet treats and delicious sweets that would put a smile on every face! Except the food, the basket is beautifully adorned with bows and flowers that perfectly match colors. Personalized gift message is included too!

    The Get Well Soon Basket includes:
  • - Chicken Noodle Soup Mix
  • - Angelina's Sweet Butter Cookies
  • - Get Well Soon Lemon Tea Cookies
  • - Cinnamon Tea Biscuits
  • - EnliTEAments Apricot Medley Tea
  • - Longevity Chai Tea Mix
  • - Peace Chai Tea Mix, and Joy Chai Tea Mix
  • - Lemon Drop Candy
  • - "Get Well Soon - We Need You!" inspirational book
  • - Silk flowers
  • - Reusable basket

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