Germ Guardian Air Purifier

In case you disapprove chemical sprays that kill germs floating around in the air, but you still want to breathe in purified surroundings, you’d definitely like the Germ Guardian Plug-in Air Purifier that’s perfect for small spaces and operates by using an advanced UV-cleaning technology. Manufactured with a whisper quiet fan and UV light, the Germ Guardian can circulate more than 450 cubic feet of air per hour as it uses no ozone. Connectable to any plug.

The capacity of this exact air purifier shows that it’s suitable for bedrooms, bathrooms, studies and offices. The device also helps eliminate odors from cigarette smoke, pets, cooking, mold and more. Plus without the use of any chemical it can destroy 98% of airborne germs such as flu viruses. Another utility is the absence of replaceable filters. The only thing that needs to be changed every 6 to 8 months (depending on how often you use it) is the UV-C light bulb. Comes with a 1 year warranty.

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