Gecko Bluetooth Tags

The Gecko Bluetooth Tags are something that will be highly appreciated by everyone, thanks to their multi-functionality! Let us tell you a thing or two about this gadget that connects via Bluetooth to your smartphone. Gecko tags can remind, secure, trigger, capture, track and locate! Key functions: gesture control and motion detection.

Gecko creates endless possibilities! When you get up in the morning you can use it as a phone tracker, because God knows where you put it last night.

You can use it as a remote music controller for your phone. Brush your teeth or shave while regulating sound and changing tracks, as all the effort you’ll put to this are just simple gestures!

Use Gecko as a motion detector. It can notify you when somebody is entering the front door or leaves. Stick it on your door, purse, luggage or other valuables!

Use the device to track kid's access to restricted areas in your house or stick it to your dog's leash to be alerted when your puppy tries to make off.

A lot of people take medicines every day and sometimes it just slips out of their mind to take the pill when they have to. In such cases the Gecko Bluetooth Tag will alert you to remind about it and you’ll never miss another dosage of your medicine!

A very useful function is the camera trigger. Place your camera or smartphone in position, get in the frame and wave your arm. Gecko will take care of the rest! For more info watch the video below!

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