Garmin Swim Watch

Professional swimmers and all those who love the sport and are really into it, will find the Garmin Swim Watch to be a really useful and functional swimming accessory that can show all sorts of data and personal performance in a current swimming pool. The sport watch has a sleek and light profile so it won’t slow you down while workouts. Set the pool’s size and let Garmin do the math for you while you concentrate entirely on your technique.


The swim-watch records pool lengths, laps, pace, strokes and distance so you won’t trouble your mind with following all that and stay motivated all the time! A couple of button presses and you can also log drills or start timed intervals without constantly monitoring the pool clock. Garmin calculates your swolf score so you can keep an eye on your swimming efficiency. The product’s stylish design makes it suitable for casual wear too, so it will look great on your wrist not only when you’re in the pool doing your workout but also when taking a stroll downtown or go out for a beer or two with friends.

Garmin Swim Watch

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