Full Length Dark Magician Robe

Occult learnings and shady sorcerers are undoubtedly a popular topic, regardless of whether it’s the real world or the gaming/cinema world we’re talking about. Even when you watch a scary movie or play a video game involving corrupted magicians, it’s pretty possible such characters give you the creeps. In the real world, few people find actual wicked magi (like the famous English Satanist Aleister Crowley) to be cool and are actually scared of them for a reason.

Whether you’re a real sorcerer or not, you could still wear this full length dark magician robe during trick or treat time, or at a Halloween party, and you can rest assured you’ll be recognized by others for your creativeness and mystical character. Just don’t put a hex on someone if they irritate you! The full dark sorcerer cloak features a hood with attached cape collar, waist sash and a jeweled bat medallion that maximizes your dark appearance.

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