Flip-Out Hidden TV Mount

It probably pisses you off when you need to change position in your bed to see the TV screen properly, but if you have this amazing Flip-Out Hidden TV Mount that won’t be necessary. Move your display up to 40 inches from the wall. This incredible gear is perfect for any screen between 15 - 32 inches. And, when your set is not in use, you can hide it behind the optional picture frame. The unique design works to counterbalance the weight of your TV set. Easy to operate with!

From now on, you can fully enjoy watching your favorite programs on the big screen from your natural resting position. Just reach for the mount while lying in bed and pull out the screen! You’ll feel a lot more comfortable, hence back and neck pain will be reduced. The flip-out hidden TV mount doesn’t require parts that wear off over time, therefore its durability is considerable.

A very useful piece of TV furniture that excellently serves its purpose!

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