Fish Catching RC Boat

Regardless of whether you’re a professional fisherman or only an admirer, we bet you would always welcome a new and interesting method for fishing, right? This one is not traditional, but if you still haven’t found yours, maybe we’ll be able to tip you off, by telling you about this fish catching RC boat! Its length is only 17cm and a half, but it has the capacity to catch up to 2 pounds of fish, while all you have to do is sit back on the shore and navigate the boat via a special remote control...

..., so you will barely break a sweat! The controller lets you move the skiff right, left, backward and forward, giving you the possibility to maneuver it even at more difficult-to reach areas, to troll on speculative water patches , or leave it in one place to taunt the fishes with the bait you’ve set.

The boat is provided with a 150' of nylon 2lb. test line that secures the engine while in water. Furthermore, there is a fishing float (a bobber) that serves as an indicator whenever there is a bite. In a situation like that, forward motion sets an included hook, and when the boat reaches the shore, there’s a 44 inch-long telescoping grapple that fetches the boat from the water along with your catch.

The whole equipment needs one 9-volt battery, and 6 AA batteries.

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