The Riedell 118 Sparkle

Whether you are new to figure skating or you enjoy it on a recreational basis, the key to being able to take part in the sport is that you've got to have a pair of figure skates. The Riedell 118 Sparkle is meant for those who take part in recreational skating for pleasure and want a boot that is going to stand up over time and be comfortable all at once.

Let’s take a closer look at what these skates have to offer.

The Updated Sparkle Skate

The 118 Sparkle isn't actually a new model; rather, it is an updated favorite from Riedell. Available in ladies’ full sizes from 4-10, this skate features a soft boot that will allow you to wear them for longer periods of time. The hooks are durable and made to last, and the man-made uppers boast a thick padded lining that is meant to keep your feet comfortable.

One problem with ice skates is that you can build up a fair amount of sweat in them, but that isn't the case with this model as the PVC sole ensures that your feet stay dry. Of course, the stainless-steel blade is what provides you with control on the ice and a smooth skating experience.

The Gear Doesn’t End at Skate

While investing in a pair of properly fitting figure skates will allow you to enjoy the sport, there’s more to it than just the skates. As far as the gear and clothing go, there are other items you may also want to pick up, especially if you plan on skating on a regular basis.

Choose the Right Clothing

Your comfort level and even the success of your figure skating can depend on the clothes you choose. When it comes to a dress code there isn't an official one, but there are some tips that can help you out. First off, you want to be sure that you don't wear clothing that is too baggy or loose. This can actually act as a tripping hazard. If you’re new to skating, this is the last thing you want to be worrying about.

It’s also a good idea to skip the jeans, as they aren’t exactly flexible or comfortable for long periods of time. Because you may have a few falls, you also have to think about how well your clothing does when it’s wet.

Prepare for Falls and Wear Gloves

It's also a good idea to think ahead, prepare for falls, and wear a pair of gloves. This will protect your hands if you fall on the ice, and they will keep you warm and cozy. Just be sure to pick up waterproof gloves.

Don’t Forget the Guards and Equipment Bag

The final item you’ll want to pick up is a pair of skate guards and a bag to carry your skates in. The guards will ensure that you don’t cut yourself on the skate blades, and then the bag will protect your skates when not being used.

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