Portable Energy Light System

It’s scientifically proven that moderate sun light is beneficial to our mental health and boosts the good mood. Solar light can regulate sleep patterns, amend energy levels and it can help with overcoming SAD (seasonal affective disorder) symptoms, as well as body fatigue, insomnia, depression and more. So if you’re too busy during the summer to go out for walks more often and let your body absorb sun light

or can’t benefit from the sun in the winter, you could find the Lightphoria Euphoric Portable Energy Light System very useful in that matter. The energy light lamp emanates 10 000 lux wide-spectrum light that simulates the solar light, but excludes the harmful UV rays. You can manually change the intensity setting and set the programmable timer. While you do your reading, watching TV or working on the computer, use the included stand to place it 12-24 inches away from you and let it illuminate your face and body for about half an hour. You can have light therapy at any given moment of the day!

Lightphoria Euphoric Portable Energy Light System

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