EasyGreen Indoor Micro Farm

The best way to make sure you eat healthy and consume straight tasty organic vegetables with all their essential nutrients intact, is by sprouting your own seeds and grains. But how would you be able to manage that? You’d need a whole garden to produce enough quantity for the entire family, plus it would take you time to sow new seeds every couple of days and water them when needed. So if you want an easier and faster way to produce your own germs

Check out the EasyGreen Indoor Micro Farm! This by far is some of the most efficient automatic germination equipment you could find and has been designed with everything necessary for the whole process. The unit is supplied with 1 big tray and 5 more sprouting cartridges (in case you wish to expand the micro farm’s capacity, as each cartridge grows around 2 cups of sprouts) where you only need to sprinkle your seeds or grains. The unique system is self watering. Simply fill the reservoir with water, set the timer and it will irrigate itself continuously. This feature guarantees you will have your sprouts taken care of, even when you’re not at home. The growing compartment is virtually hygienically closed. Air flows in through an air filter to prevent contamination and air pollution. The indoor micro farm uses a patented technology with which mist and air displacements are applied simultaneously to cool and oxygenate the seeds which is very important for their growth. Managing and controlling the humidity within the machine is critical to the sprouts too. The automatic seed germinator uses a unique 96 activations timer, allowing the grower to adapt the machine to his/her environmental conditions. No other sprout farm allows for such flexibility. This product uses only 1-2qts. of water every 24 hours of sprouting. The EasyGreen micro farm is like having a garden or farmer’s market taking place every single day on your own kitchen counter. Imagine a source of healthy nutritious and safe raw food growing right under your watchful eye. With this machine you can grow your vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber and enzymes at home in barely 3 to 5 days.

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