Easybreath Mask

Lots of people want to go snorkeling, but they can't get the hang of breathing solely from their mouth. With the Easybreath Mask - a new kind of snorkel mask that lets you breath easily underwater, you can escape from the anachronistic manner of diving. The mask allows you to respire through your nose or mouth as if you were on the surface. Thanks to the double air-flow system the exhaled air is removed to ensure the faceplate does not fog up.


The part of the snorkel tube that stays above the water level, sucks fresh air in and releases your exhaled breaths. When users dip the whole mask entirely under the water, a safety valve prevents water from traveling down the breathing tube. With this exceptional diving gear, you don’t have to be a pro to make snorkeling look like it’s as easy as ABC.

Easybreath Mask

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