Pressure Relieving Cushion

Long drives can be a fantastic way to relax and get problems off your mind. So it’s all good, until back pain begins to set in. Don't let the back pain ruin your relaxation and enthusiasm for anything! With the Driver's Pressure Relieving Cushion, lower back discomfort will disappear faster than it came and won’t bother you again even during long periods of sitting.


The seat is padded with a 2" thick interior of gel to provide fantastic support and the awesome feeling of sitting on air, because it perfectly adapts to your own body shape. That’s how pressure points are excluded and maximum support is achieved. The elastic high quality memory gel immediately regains its initial form when you get up off the seat. The reversible cushion has firm and soft sides. Materials and components also include: a spandex cover, an integrated handle and washable polyester.

Pressure Relieving Cushion

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