“Dating” gadgets

Love at a distance or how technologies are closely tied with dating today: in this article, you will read about devices designed for hugs, kisses, and much more widely used by people who cannot be physically beside each other. Some of them may shock you, while others tend to be just strange, and chances are you have never even imagined any of them. But the most brilliant tech scientists of the world prove that love is what rules our world, and dating has interfered ...


...even with this sphere of science.


Give me a hug!

Social networks are one of the few means of communication that remains for those separated by distance. But what is the use of a soulless "Like" or comment under a photo? Designer Melissa Kite Chow was able to put this just virtual features into reality. All you need to do is wear a Like-A-Hug vest and connect it via your smartphone to your Facebook profile. Then, after each received "like," vest will inflate a little and create the impression of a hug. Sales of such a wonderful piece of clothing are about to begin on the site of the creator, and in the meantime, you can think about how many inflatable embraces will be able to comfort you. Website:


Watch your hands

You can talk in Skype as much as you like, but it will not replace one simple touch. Developers from the Polish company panGenerator tried to solve this issue and created a special Tactilu bracelet that can transmit touches from a distance. All you need to buy are two such bracelets, connect them to smartphones, and synchronize. When one touches their bracelet, even if they are located across the ocean (but within the Internet access zone, of course), then you will feel the same touch. Moreover, a bracelet can transmit different pressing forces! You can even come up with your own tapping melody and code your special message in the rhythm of tapping. Because no dating site, even, will replace a simple live communication where you can see every emotion of your beloved, hug them and feel their touch. Website:


A pocket companion

Does your loved one go to social events and parties while on a business trip? Now you can check it or, to be more precise, attend the holiday with them. To do this, you should buy a VGo robot which looks very much like R2-D2 from Star Wars, only with a screen on top. But no one will look at the robot itself because from the screen, you will smile radiantly in person. Such a “toy” will not only make you feel as if in the futuristic spy movie but is also suitable for joint romantic walks. You can treat it as a slightly upgraded version of Skype having the effect of real-time presence combined with a robotic note. Physical separation and distance will be almost unnoticeable, especially if you buy a robot and all the other gadgets from our selection. The main thing is to keep track of the battery percentage. Otherwise, Cinderella risks switching off and turning into a pile of scrap metal. Website:


Kiss a pig for it to turn into a prince

This device is designed for imitating kisses at a distance. This piece of technology came up in Singapore and was created by Professor Human Samani. In general, the main employment of Humana is the creation of artificial intelligence, but it was precisely this invention that brought him fame, the scientist decided to name this big hit "Kissinger." And no, the device has no relation to the Nobel Peace Prize laureate and the American diplomat; its name is a derivative of the English word “kiss.” This thing looks like a piggy toy equipped with silicone lips and tongue. It is also bought in a pair, and when someone kisses their pig, the second one starts moving its “lips” in the same way. How nice it is – fortunately, we do not know. Website:


Roly Poly

Another “hello” from Singapore is special eggs for lovers. Now stop thinking and read on. You give one such egg to your half, and you keep the second with you. In moments of special longing, you can tilt yours – the second will take exactly the same position. Of course, contact between people when using such a device is symbolic, but recently, a study of American scientists has appeared on the subject of the fact that such eggs will best help to convey a sense of caring and longing for a loved one. We do not exactly know why the creator chose this object to symbolize the connection between the loved ones, but there is definitely something pure and cute about such an idea. Website:


Who knows which of these devices we will be using regularly in the future. As you can see, most of them are based on touches and sensations – everything people need to feel the presence of a loved one. Maybe in the future, they will be upgraded by the smell of your loved one or their heartbeat to listen to before sleep.

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