Daredevil Costume

We wanted to make your Halloween excitement go through the roof by helping you suit up like one of the most bad ass vigilantes recently that you know from Netflix’s TV shows. Yep, we’re talking about Matthew Murdock and this Daredevil costume is exactly what you need to embody one of the most intriguing comic book characters ever that finally began to receive more attention with the new Marvel series. Let’s face it. Who else doesn’t have ...

... superpowers, yet is called “the man without fear”, and uses only his fighting skills, will and enhanced senses to beat down all sorts of criminals, from street thugs, to Kingpin himself?

When the end of October comes, you’re going to be a kind of attraction at every cosplay you go, because with this wicked Daredevil Halloween costume you can surpass everybody else’s efforts of having the best disguise around the neighborhoods.

The detailed, full body Daredevil outfit is made of high quality bi-cast leather. It features: hat, top, gloves, belt, pants, shoe cover, plus other accessories. The sizes vary from XXS, to XXL, and you even have the option to have this costume custom made to make sure it will fit you 100%.

Daredevil Full Size Costume (High Quality)

Daredevil Head Mask

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