Cockpit Flight Simulator

Of course you can at any time just board a plane and fly, but many have dreamed of actually flying the plane themselves. This however is not an easy task. You need to have really impeccable skills, and to achieve them you need to learn a lot and have hours of practice. This can of course always be accomplished by taking up specialized training or just flying courses.

But if these are still not enough to get the self-confidence of a true pilot, here’s a great aid – the amazing Cockpit Flight Simulator.

First off, the device is installed in a cockpit so the experience of the flight simulation is as close as the real thing. Second, you have all the flight controls that any pilot would normally use to fly a plane, and these help you learn their function and operation in a safe environment (after all, if you mess up, at least you know you’re not going to really crash!). You also have at your disposal all navigation tools and even a radio to communicate with a virtual flight control tower. One of the most amazing features of the simulator is the sound system, which provides a highly realistic audio surrounding. On top of that, the chair itself is extremely comfortable and adjustable to any movement, providing an easy access to the controls. The equipment is courtesy of Microsoft and provides exciting challenges for the trainee.

In short, the Cockpit Flight Simulator gets you as close as possible to the real situation of flying a plane, and it is totally amazing!

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