• Show Me Your Kitty Panties

    Show Me Your Kitty Panties

    You think you’ve seen it all, but every now and then comes something like these "Show me your kitty panties" to stun you! Honestly, how often is it you see a rather sexy and challenging pair of female underwear with an adorable cat printed on it?! Now girls who love cute pussycats can have them on their panties, and as for boys? Well, not all of them like feline pets, but there’s still one kitty they’re going to love when it’s playtime!

  • Asshole Repellent Spray

    Asshole Repellent Spray

    Awesome gag gifts can definitely make somebody’s day hilarious, especially this multiple award winning, asshole repellent spray! Every time someone’s bugging you, or acting like a complete jerk, and you want to keep them at bay by owning them big time, just pull the spray can out and spray for a second or two, and poof, there will be one asshole less around you. Most insolent assholes may require the triple flubberblast to make them go away.

  • Last Clean T-shirt

    Inspired by Rihanna, the Last Clean T-shirt could quickly become one of your favorite shirts to wear and without a doubt your friends and passers-by will love it too! The inscription is a durable digital print and the fabric is 100% cotton. The garment is loose fit and extremely comfortable so it feels very nice to wear. And if all other shirts are sent to the laundry, the Last Clean T-shirt will save the day!

  • Middle Finger Umbrella

    Middle Finger Umbrella

    The Middle Finger Umbrella is your rebellious way to say “screw you” to the dark heavens and the annoying rain! This super cool brolly protects you from the water drops falling from the sky so you can remain dry and keep your good mood despite the overcasting weather. Definitely the most eye catching umbrella out there that will let you walk down the street like a boss even if it pours!


Under 50 bucks – the name speaks for itself

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Music Sunglases

Elago P2 Stand

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Spring Bunny Figurine

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Pug Face T-Shirt

Boston Terrier T-Shirt

The Joker Costume Hoodie

Chain Chomp Earrings

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Range Rover Wireless Mouse

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Man of Steel Costume

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Personal Fondue Mug

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Portable USB Air Humidifier

Lumadot LED Umbrella

Backseat Pet Barrier

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