Bourbon Sunflower Seeds

We used to like snacking on sunflower seeds but gradually got fed up with the regular salty taste and started buying something else to munch in our spare time. But then we fortuitously learned about these Jim Beam bourbon barbecue sunflower seeds and revived our liking to this kind of food! First, we have to say that the seeds’ quality is top notch. The second thing here worth mentioning is the interesting and fine Bourbon flavor!

These seeds are with a larger size therefore they’re “meatier” than other brands’ seeds. The shells feel kind of moist and thus do not split into a great number of shards when split.

And as we said above, the sunflower seeds are soaked in Jim Beam Bourbon giving them a light sugary flavor which is complemented by spicy, barbecue flavor. Overall these seeds are less salty than other competitors so you can easily consume more than usual without getting thirsty and having “dry tongue”.

Want to try another flavor of the Bourbon soaked seeds? Then you may also like the Jim Beam Jalapeno Sunflower Seeds. You will truly enjoy their pickled pepper taste!

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