Blood Circulation Gloves

People do a lot of things with their bare hands and many of us constantly use our hands at work related to physical activity. The result? Pain, fatigue and swelling that could lead to worse health issues. If you had also been there and know exactly what we're talking about, then you should also know that you don't need to suffer any longer, just try on these Blood Circulation Enhancing Gloves that can ease the pain away.

A combination of gentle massaging vibrations and warm, soothing heat provides relief from muscle and tendon aches, sores and stiffness while promoting blood circulation and improving flexibility. The gloves require a 4 hour charging period for 20 minutes of use. The undersides of the gloves are textured to ensure a no-slip and secure grip. The undersides are finely printed with encouraging messages to aid you beat the psychological exertion of living with pain. The product is made from a breathable combination of 8% spandex and 92% cotton.

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