The time has come. Data and humans have become one. Technologies were suppose to make our lives better, but instead we kind of lost our privacy. That’s why it’s time for a change and that change comes with Blackphonethe world’s first super-secure smartphone. This revolutionary mobile is built upon privacy, security and control, wrapped in a high-end smartphone, designed by a very innovative all-star team of photographers, security and global innovators.

The number one priority in creating Blackphone is to uphold the objectives of privacy and more specifically the user’s privacy. Blackphone is configured, set up, modified, so that the privacy aspects are all melded together from the security parts of the CPU, to the hardware of the phone, to the operating system and apps, so that just about everything you do is private. The unique device operates with the so called PrivatOS. It’s overall the Android you’re familiar with, which includes all the available apps, with an additional security measure that allows for encrypted messages and the extra level of solitude that users are demanding for on the market.

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