BiKN for iPhone

This is a perfect little device for keeping your stuff close at hand so you won’t lose them! The BiKN consists of an iPhone case, equipped with a battery pack, radio tags and an iPhone application. Simply clip the tags on various objects and when they’re lost or out of your range, you’ll be notified. There’s also a possibility to find your iPhone via one of the radio tags, even if it’s turned off!

Many people are prone to losing their personal stuff, such as cell phones, keys, wallets, bags etc. BiKN for iPhone is powered with batteries, it has an iPhone app and radio tags, which you attach on every object that you would not want to lose. Not just the things we’ve mentioned, but also for example your laptop case, favorite talismans, or your dog’s collar, so you can find your pet friend if it’s out of your sight. You’re already clear about finding different stuff by the tag beep signal, but you should also know that you can find your iPhone, to which the BiNK is connected, regardless of whether your phone is turned on or not! The range of this compact beacon is great inside your home and you can find items up to 150 feet away, while outside the range gets much longer – up to 500 feet! The app will actually show you when you're getting near a tagged item, or you can page it to hear the tag alarm.

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