Best Automotive Jump Starter

As much as you love your car, as time passes, chances of part failures rise, including engine or accumulator failure. In situations like that you would probably wish you had the best automotive jump starter in the world to power your vehicle up no matter the circumstances.

Well if there were such thing as “the best” it probably would be this rechargeable 1000 Amp automotive jump starter, as it has proved...

...upon testing that it’s one of the very few units to consistently start multiple cars. This specialized vehicle equipment is voted “The Best” because it has managed to immediately start 4 and 6-cylinder engines ten times in a row, in contrast to other models that failed to start either.

To boot, this rechargeable automotive jump starter was one of the several models that succeeded in powering engines after they had been put in a freezer for 3 hours to simulate a freezing car. That’s how you know this gear would work even in the roughest weather conditions. Besides that, an analyzing team determined that the best jump starter needed the least charging time and was one of the leading models in terms of ergonomics.

For maximum safety it has been designed with a short-circuit spark-proof protection. You can charge the equipment via the included 12V DC plug or via the USB cable. Either method needs 3 hours of charging that are enough for 20 jumps. Another useful feature is the integrated 100-lumen Led flashlight that has couple of modes, including an emergency and SOS regime.

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