Bane Voice Changer App

It’s cool to have a Bane mask with voice changer to sound like the fearsome Batman adversary from the Dark Knight Rises, but if you ran around with a mask for the rest of the year you’d seem like a lunatic. So how can you enjoy sounding like Tom Hardy’s character at any time you want? There’s an answer and it’s called the Bane Voice Changer App!

Google Play

Use the application on your smartphone to modify your voice and record what you’re saying singing, mumbling and whatever you decide to do for fun! Set a ringtone and share your masterpiece audio files via Skype or email.

Visit the comic book fan club, show a custom ringtone audio effect or change your friend’s voice to sound like “Gotham’s reckoning”. Depending on whether you’re a kid or an adult you can adjust Voice Depth to achieve optimal effect. The right app to impersonate your favorite comic book villain!

For the next Halloween party you can equip yourself with the Bane mask, a replica of his vest and coat.

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